Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fall Rides

Getting ready to Ride!

Ahhh Fall in Colorado! The smell of golden leaves composting in a bed of pine and duff....the crrrissspp sound of your horse's hooves as they tread on trails of gold......the air is clean and the skies are blue! There is nothing better than to gather with friends and hear the ring of laughter through the hills as the campfire crackles and the coffee boils, tales of trails rode and wished to be rode permeate the air.

I was fortunate enough to get together with my friends a couple of times this year before the snow to enjoy their company on the trail. These are pictures of the last of the High Mountain Fall rides, after this everyone pulls their shoes and kicks the ponies out to pasture for a couple of months of winter rest.

Photo of the Deer Haven ride campsite

Big Ed Rautenkrantz coming through the gate

Yes, thats Bear Poo. I didn't see any bells. Must a been Black Bear Poop.

Long shot group photo while I considered the trail. Only got lost once!

At the water tank.

The back of someones head I think this is either Dorris or Barbara!

We gathered, reconnected, laughed, sang, and made merry through the deepening twilite.
Although our time was short, the fall swiftly moving into winter sleep, we look forward to another year of gathering around the campfire and reconnecting with old friends, and new.
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